Labor Performance

Labor Performance provides a means to record basic employee data including wage rates and employee hours by task. Key components include employee files and labor transactions.

  • On-line, real-time search and inquiry for employee files and labor transactions
  • Employee information includes user-defined labor rates, labor grade, shift and work center identifications
  • Standard and direct rates for each employee including application of standard overhead rates
  • Labor costs qualified for full time, part time, intern, apprentice, temporary, contract and other user-defined classifications
  • User-defined shop calendar for definition of future work days
  • Tracking of labor by type of hours
  • Activity-based tracking of labor costs that can be applied to products and product lines
  • Clock card processing either through terminal entry or bar code/scanning interface
Production Planning

Production Planning consists of master scheduling and capacity requirements. Master scheduling provides a means for entering forecast data in order to produce a master schedule for future months. Capacity requirements works with existing factory orders, forecast orders and work center information to produce reporting on the availability of factory resources for the manufacturing process.

  • Optionally includes forecasts
  • Highlight exceptions (shortages)
  • What-if analysis of capacity
  • Work center load inquiry
  • Forward loading schedule by work center
  • User-defined planning horizon
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