Engineering Control

Engineering Control consists of bill of materials, routings, and tools and dies used in the manufacturing process. The bill of materials provides the “what” and the routing provides the “how and where” in this process.

  • Search and inquiry for bill of materials, routing, work center, and tool and die maintenance and control screens
  • Multiple levels of sub-assembly
  • Multiple levels of bills
  • Internal and external work centers included in the same assembly
  • Change of replacement of bill of material, routing, work center, or tool and die
  • User-defined effective date for a new bill of materials or routing allows users to plan changes and roll them into production without disturbing existing routings
  • Transactions/adjustments automatically generate an audit trail
  • Reference to blue prints/plans
  • Costed, indented and summarized bills
Shop Floor

Shop Floor provides on-line, interactive processing to create, release, and track manufacturing orders through the manufacturing process.

  • On-line, real-time search and inquiry for factory order master records
  • Planned, scheduled, released, and completed orders
  • Released factory orders create instructions for material picking, routing and job card labels
  • Material shortage reporting for each released manufacturing order
  • Outside processing within an order for some or all production steps
  • Provides routing lists by work center and a manufacturing orde
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