Event Scheduler

Event Scheduler processes participant registrations, prepares invoices and credit memos, process events or sessions and track products and shipments for event, books, and in-house training programs.

  • Events, conferences, and training programs at multiple sites with/or without certification
  • Processing product (book, video, audio tapes, software), self study, events, session and training program sales and registration for any single invoice, participant and/or customer
  • Corporate, government and/or third party invoicing and registration of participants/attendees with contract process and discount pricing and consolidation of registrations into a single invoice to a bill-to customer
  • Participant/registrant tracking for attendance and test scores
  • Individual participants with prepayment, credit card payment and invoicing
  • Message, comment and notes fields available for customers, participants, events, products, instructors, locations and invoices
  • Sales tax processing with exempt, taxable, non-taxable and reseller status
  • Orders edited against customer credit limits and codes at time of entry
  • Multiple pricing options for products and events
  • Mailing, shipping, and handling codes allow user-defined automatic processing
  • Processing available for multiple companies
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