Inventory Control

Inventory Control tracks raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods from entry through all stages of production through sales to the customer.

  • Multiple stock locations
  • Transactions/adjustments with audit trail
  • Inventory categories that can include stock, finished goods, work-in-process (WIP), and receiving and inspection
  • Lot/serial number tracking
  • Allocation of materials to factory orders
  • Kit Processing
  • Interplant/inter-warehouse transfers
  • ABC part analysis
Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory Processing consists of a series of steps where the actual count of on-hand products is captured and compared against the counts on the I/C master files. This process can be done as part of an on-going procedure, which entails counting and verifying counts not connected to a specific accounting event. This process can also be part of a year-end or other accounting cutoffs.

  • Partial or entire inventory options available.
  • Options exist to restrict the physical inventory to specific locations (warehouses) and specific physical locations (aisles, rows, bins, etc.)
  • Locations can be printed as report in location/physical location sequence or as inventory tags
  • Counts are frozen in separate files (PIT.FIL) to allow normal processing to continue
  • PIT.FIL file can be loaded into the system for comparison to the master file count
  • Variance reports are available to run in update mode to post the adjustment transactions to the master files.
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