Information Resource Systems Corporation was established for the purpose of providing total information processing services to organizations not large enough, or not inclined, to support complete in-house departments, especially for major projects and communications technology.

The growth of the company confirmed the need for a reliable source of information system specialists to serve small to medium-sized organizations. IRsystemsí reliability has led to its receiving an increasing number of requests for assistance from large concerns with existing installations in migrating systems and incorporating new communications and network design.

From the very beginning, IRsystems has measured its performance and accomplishments against the highest standards of excellence. Our staff reflects our continuing effort to hire the best, career-oriented data processing personnel available. In addition to internally managed projects, we have experience working with Big 6 and other large consulting firms.

Most of our projects involve total-answer solutions to data processing problems, not just a portion of the objective. IRsystems places a major emphasis on interaction with client personnel, and on maintaining a client relationship after completion of the on-site work. We recognize the need for developing systems that continue to be productive long after their original implementation.

IRsystems provides clients with a complete range of services including software and hardware evaluation and selection, education, standards development, project management, application design, programming, implementation and on-going support. IRsystems is indeed a full-service information services company.

IRsystemsí diverse client assignments provide its staff with hands-on exposure to "state of the art" technology in the latest hardware, software, communications, and centralized/decentralized database concepts. During the past 20 years, IRsystems has built an extensive base of experience designing and installing networks and developing applications to run exclusively using client/server technology.

As a result of our work implementing systems for clients, IRsystems has developed application specific software systems. The core functions include financial systems, distribution, manufacturing and vertical market applications. These systems are particularly effective for distribution, publishing, custom manufacturing and retail organizations and are working for several other types of companies. Our design and programming algorithms have created systems that readily handle complex pricing, selection and distribution requirements that occur when multiple sales channels or marketing strategies are used. Each package is usually modified to meet specific client requirements and integrated with custom or special use software.

In addition to vendor evaluation and selection of off-the-shelf products, IRsystems also develops custom-designed systems. Hardware platforms supported include local area networks (Novell and Microsoft), minicomputer (UNIX and proprietary), and communications support for wide area networks.

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